A Chilanga in San Diego, Part 1

The American Translators Association’s 53rd Annual Conference in San Diego is next week. This will be my first time as an attendee and to say I’m excited is an understatement.

Over 1,800 linguists will gather to be part of this four-day grandiose learning experience and networking extravaganza, including many celebrities within the industry. It is both thrilling and intimidating. After all, these are the movers and shakers in the business and these people know what they’re doing.

There will be around 200 sessions, from terminology to marketing and different areas of specialization, for beginners to experienced professionals and some of them even language specific. The learning opportunities will be everywhere all the time. Yoga, breakfast, dance party, division reception, exhibit hall, speed dating… I mean, networking. Whoa! I have a one-year-old, being awake and alert with short periods of rest should be listed in my resume under qualifications, and still, this conference daunts me a bit.

I am aware of just how lucky I am to be going. I moved to this country four years ago and I’m still figuring things out every day, especially professionally. I’ve been doing this job for a while, but only recently have I begun to feel like a professional. I have found a new respect, value and commitment to it, and without a doubt, a lot of this inspiration has come from learning that there is a serious community of skilled and educated experts leading the field into so many directions. Can’t wait to see some of them in action, hear their presentations and maybe even get a chance to let them know how much I admire what they do.

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