A Chilanga in San Diego, Part 2

We arrived in San Diego Wednesday afternoon. It was really sunny as they promised. I could feel the friendly vibe from the first step into the Hilton and I was talking to people before I could get my badge and tote.

The welcome reception was held on the beautiful Promenade Patio while the sun set over the Coronado Bay. It exceeded all of my expectations. At first, I shyly sat on one of the benches before the party started, both excited and intimidated. I was surprised at how easily the conversations began to flow. I met really nice people and it was the perfect start to an amazing weekend. We moved to the Division Open House, where we continued the chat in Spanish.

Thursday morning I woke up early to join the Stretch, Breathe & Move group. It was extremely enjoyable for an activity that early in the morning! With relaxing and soft exercises we saw the sun come up in the Waterfront Park, and geared with fresh and positive energy I headed to the Sapphire Terrace where breakfast took place. Every moment was an opportunity to meet someone new.

Once I was wearing decent shoes, I headed to the sessions. I had scheduled three or four options at the same time, just to be covered. Turns out I won one of the prizes and I was able to choose the e-Conference, so I would have access to ALL the sessions after all. Super cool.

One of my first stops was at The Future of Translation and Interpreting: Lightning Talks organized by Karen Tkaczyk. I had seen her in one of my owl-neck turns during the morning stretching, but couldn’t find a moment to talk to her. I was really looking forward to meeting people I “follow” online, either through their blogs and books or webinars, and this particular session gathered many of them.

I later attended Revision: Someone Has to Do It, but Why Me?, with Jonathan Hine. I liked his direct and practical style so much that I ended up switching sessions the next day to go to Win-Win: How to Set a Fair Price for Your Work.

The last session of that day was Defining Writing Style, by Lisa Carter. I especially enjoyed this presentation because even though I’ve never worked on literary translations, it was fascinating to identify elements authors make use of to leave an impression on us in a way that I’ve never considered before. Plus it was really nice to meet Lisa in person.

The much anticipated Speed Networking Session was packed! I sat next to the whistle, so it kept me on my toes. We had two minutes with each person to get to know them and talk about ourselves. I made a couple of new friends!

There’s more to come on my San Diego trip, but you can visit the photo gallery in the meantime.

I’d love to hear from you! If you have more pictures, attended some of the same sessions or just want to say hi, please share your comments here.

One thought on “A Chilanga in San Diego, Part 2

  1. Hi Diana, I’m sorry we didn’t meet properly! I enjoyed the morning exercise too. I dashed off before the end to clear the bathroom before my roommate (teacher Stephanie) needed it.

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