A Chilanga in San Diego, Part 3

I knew I was in the right place when I heard out loud many of the questions that normally come up when I’m writing in Spanish. Like a supportive group therapy, Capitalization in English and Spanish with María Barros was both useful and comforting. It sounds like it should be simple, doesn’t it?

I headed to Take Back Control: Getting the Work You Want to learn that probably nobody has ever looked at my résumé. From the perspective of a hiring professional, Maggey Oplinger gave us pointers on how to highlight our best features.

After lunch, things got really fun! I went to hear the 10 Habits of Highly Successful Translators and Interpreters with Judy Jenner. Yes, I was biased and I knew I’d like it since before I left home (I have their book, read their blog and follow them on Twitter), but it was so good! I was already in bed that night and I was still laughing at the video she showed during the session. I also got my book signed by Judy and Dagmar and that was very cool. I might want to wait until they’re done eating lunch next time though.

Speaking of books, another highly anticipated event was the Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World launch party. We were all so excited about this book that it really turned into a celebration of the profession. It was delighting to meet Nataly Kelly and to listen what inspired her and Jost Zetzsche to write this book.

My book signing tour (getting them signed by the authors, that is) was completed with Chris Durban’s autograph! [Insert euphoric nerdy snort here.] I’m used to her being such a straight-to-the-point and aggressive — in the best sense of the word — business woman, that I was surprised at how extremely kind she was in person.

One of my last sessions was How to Use Search Engine Optimization to Attract More Visitors to Your Website or Blog by Fabio Said, which was pretty interesting in terms of tags and meta tags that I shall put into practice. I also went to the rather entertaining Español neutro: Esa lengua inexistente a la que muchos traducimos, with Aurora Humarán, whose expertise was evident translating Spanish for most audiences.

Picture-Perfect Translations: Methods for Fixing (and Finding!) Issues in Romance Language>English Translations, by Robert Sette provided common examples of mistranslations due to false cognates in Spanish, French and Portuguese. He has a great voice that makes his pronunciation of these languages way too enjoyable.

To cap it all off, I attended Tequila: Origins, Production, and Quality Control Analysis presented by Mario Aguilar Briano and Salvador Virgen who did a fantastic job! This session had it all: it was funny, personal and highly detailed and specialized at the same time. May I just suggest some Tequila sampling for the next one?

The closing session and reception wrapped it all up. We had a sneak peek of San Antonio and I was a digit away from winning the registration for next year’s conference. I guess I couldn’t win them all!

The dance party continued later that night, but my one-year-old had been patient enough by then. It was time to go home.

It was an amazing experience to go to San Diego. Besides the obvious learning and the opportunity to meet wonderful people, to feel part of this community of professionals recharged me with new found inspiration to continue to work and grow. We’re into something important here.

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