Bilingual Training Consultants LLC, since 2004, has provided outstanding interpreter training, certification exam preparation and continuing education workshops; workplace language assessment; cultural competency education; document translation; language interpreting; and transformation strategies to improve clarity in communication for language and literacy limitations.

Our Mission

Promote clear communication between speakers of different languages through training, instruction, skills assessment, document translation, interpreter services and our commitment to confidentiality, quality and customer service.

Our Vision

Empower our communities to communicate with clarity and meaning.


Shawna Stevenoski, Manager


Ph. (262) 617-0692

Shawna brings 24 years of experience in training, business administration, education, and interpreting to the business community. After earning degrees in English and Spanish from the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN, she worked as an ELL instructor and Administrator in Mexico City, Mexico where she lived in the campo militar for ten years before returning to the US as a professional trainer and interpreter.

In 2005, Shawna became a Wisconsin Certified Court Interpreter and in 2010 a Certified Medical Interpreter. She owns and manages Bilingual Training Consultants, LLC which supports document translating, interpreter training and multi-cultural learning combined with the need to better understand and educate our communities on literacy and language issues.

Through her experiences in working with learners with illiteracy issues, including her disabled adult son, she has gained compassion and understanding. She volunteers and partners with many community organizations. She has served as the Wisconsin State Chapter Chair for the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) 2012-2016 and currently serves as faculty with the WI Court Interpreter Orientation Training Program.

DianapicDiana Dudgeon, Communication and Language Specialist


Ph. (408) 836-4966

Born and raised in Mexico City, Diana has first-hand experience in bilingual education as a student and instructor. She has a background in psychology and has a people-oriented personality. As a recent immigrant herself, she enjoys providing insights focused on cultural and linguistic issues.

She has taught English classes at 10 different levels, including the teacher’s training course in Mexico City. She has worked as a Latino outreach volunteer and English language tutor at the Literacy Council in Jefferson, Wisconsin, and at the Adult and Community Education Center in Sunnyvale, California, tutoring English as a Second Language. She has a decade of experience translating educational, legal, medical and marketing materials.

A gifted writer and a skilled web designer, Diana is the founder of English Español. She is the BTC Communication and Language Specialist and operates out of her California office where she also works as the administrator for the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA).

GarypicGary Nowaczynski, Events Coordinator


Ph. (262) 617-0692

Our team of consultants and instructors has years of community interpreting experience, a dedication to the certification process and a commitment to the code of ethics and standards of practice for interpreters. We are committed to provide the high standard of service you deserve. Please contact BTC directly if you would like more referral information.

What do our customers say about our trainings?

The training is very engaging

Klara G., International Institute of Wisconsin

“The method of training is very participatory and engaging which keeps the audience interested and increases understanding of important concepts.”

Thank you for motivating me

Natalia B., Freelance Interpreter

“Muchas gracias por todo tu esfuerzo por apoyar a jóvenes interpretes. Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento con tanto cariño y generosidad. Gracias por motivarme a mejorar cada día  en mi carrera como interprete. Disfrute y aprendí mucho.”

Thank you for the opportunity

Vilma S., Freelance Interpreter

“Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to interpret again.”

An exciting, new experience

F.A. High School Students

“Thank you for coming in to do the interpreter workshop with our Heritage Speaker Spanish class. For some of us, it was an exciting, new experience to learn about your field.”

I was able to gain insight and understanding

Claire O., Interpreter Workshop Participant

“I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to shadow you. Not only was I able to gain insight and understanding of this career option, but you provided me with many invaluable resource and connections that I never could have made on my own…Your level of skill and professionalism is an example to the interpreting and translating field.