Happy International Translation Day!

International Translation Day (ITD) 2012 Theme: “Translation as Intercultural Communication”

The International Translation Day, as it is officially called and celebrated all over the world, originated as a tribute to St. Jerome, a biblical translator, hence the date of September 30th. It has been celebrated since 1953, although the FIT (International Federation of Translators) launched the International Translation Day only in 1991. This day requires much promotion in the US as it is a very effective way to educate and promote the profession to the general public.

It is encouraging to see that International Translation Day has developed into a genuine event for this profession. All over the world, translators take the opportunity to think with pride of their work and their achievements. From year to year, more associations in a growing number of countries report on their activities. Let us hope that the snowball effect will continue!

  • Encourage your hospital to celebrate International Translator Day
  • Write to your local paper about doing a piece on medical interpreters
  • Celebrate and take this opportunity to encourage your colleagues for the impact of their work
We also invite you to visit the following links to read more about the International Translation Day:

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