Oh, Boy!

October 21st we came back home from San Francisco. We’d been there for a couple of games and that night the San Francisco Giants had won over the Philadelphia Phillies. And how they became the 2010 World Series Champions is history by now. My life changed that night when I learned I was pregnant. As in an out-of-body experience–ironically it was a very much in-the-body one, I didn’t know anything else at that moment because the overwhelming emotions were just too many to classify them. The only certainty was that my life wouldn’t be the same after that night.

Of course the thought of having a buddy around who would finally appreciate a good Disney movie the way I do made things easier, but I was still concerned about a lot of things and the feeling of being away from my known territory was probably the main one. After all, one thing was me having fun with all this California-dreaming extravaganza, and another very different one was to raise a kid in a foreign country.

From how the medical services would work here to the differences in the educational system, I was drowning in questions. Where would I take him when he breaks a tooth on a Sunday afternoon like in that TV commercial? What if it’s an arm? Don’t kids break their bones all the time? At least in Mexico I’d know exactly where to run to in case of an emergency. What is co-pay? And, who pays for the cello when he joins the school band? Do kids here attend the school that corresponds to their school district? What is our school district? Is it based on our address? Is this how you people decide on real estate? Somehow I would be so ready to be a parent if I was in Mexico, but here, I’m always missing something!

Speaking of missing something, and again, speaking of speaking… will he speak Spanish? How couldn’t he, right? Will I be able to teach him myself? How about communicating with his family in Mexico? Oh, dear Mexico, will he see you as the foreign country? What about those cultural aspects tacitly learned that I won’t be able to pass on because they are implied precisely in being part of a society I no longer belong to? Can you teach somebody how to be Mexican?

Fortunately, he was a lot more relaxed and he must have rubbed it off on me because it only took to see him through that ultrasound to bring me back to the world of the living. He is beautiful, he is healthy, he is chillin’ out and he is cool with things as they are… and then I realized that so am I. Actually, things are as great as they could possibly be. I can only be grateful for them all. For my wonderful gringo husband who takes care of us, in English and everything. For the nice and safe place that will see us grow together as a family. For the helpful and smart people I have around me to support and educate me during these exciting, learning times. I’m very thankful I get to live it all in this country that only continues to make my life a very happy one.