Differences and Similarities Between Medical/Healthcare and Court Interpreters

medical_interpreterPresentation notes from Ramp Up the Conversation Conference

Attorney Cynthia Herber, Federal and State Certified Interpreter Spanish

Confidentiality is mandatory in all situations. LEP individuals expect confidentiality and completeness in the rendering of the interpretation.

Do you agree or disagree with these differences and similarities?

  • No advocacy
  • No chumminess
  • No lowering or changing the register
  • Yes interpretation is on the record – “recording”
  • No giving advice
  • No time – fast pace
  • Yes access to documents to assist in preparation

Public record, open to everyone, CCAP –open access to court info at www.wicourts.govcheck it out!

Keep in mind: The same clients you interpret for in the courts will need interpreters for medical care.