Word on the Street

I was called a translator again today and I corrected him.
“I am an interpreter.”
He then says: “I didn’t mean to insult you”.
 I reply, “It isn’t an insult. I simply do not work with language in the same way as a translator. As a matter of fact I highly respect translators.”
A.P. – CMI-Spanish
The child snuggles onto mom’s lap. Mom gently caresses the child’s beautiful long hair. I’m interpreting, positioned slightly behind the mother and child. I’m watching the hand as it stops suddenly and the fingers explore the scalp. The commissioner is presenting his findings…I’m interpreting…my brain is saying “Oh no…it can’t be…mom isn’t listening…hurry up and finish…yes…piojos (lice)!
S.S.- CMI-Spanish
The monkey saw a fish in the water and took it out thinking he was saving his life! The fish died, hence the importance of understanding the world of others! Un mono vio un pez en el agua y lo sacó pensando que le salvaba la vida. El pez murió…Qué importante es entender el mundo del otro.
R.Z. – CMI-Spanish

Happy day to all culture brokers out there!